Colección: MOR

Our journey started in Melbourne in 2001, when the first iteration of the MOR brand was a small but distinctive collection of exquisitely wrapped and hand-crafted soaps; featuring luxurious ingredients in unique fragrances and opulent packaging that were to lay the foundations of our brand philosophy.

This niche edit of soaps soon evolved into a full suite of bath & body collections inspired by exotic places, time-honoured ingredients and indulgent bathing rituals to take consumers on a unique and immersive sensory journey.

Twenty years on and the MOR brand is renowned as an Australian and international success story, with our collections now available in 21 countries worldwide and growing. We’ve captured a loyal following of beauty afficionados, who look to the MOR brand for the evocative and emotive sensorial experience our products deliver.

At the heart of our brand remains a discerning and sophisticated yet curious and spirited personality, as we constantly seek to refine our bespoke lifestyle collections – forever mindful of honouring the past while incorporating new ways to capture the essence of luxury and thoughtful craftsmanship.