Collectie: d'Alba PIEDMONT

d'Alba is derived from d'Alba, an Italian sanctuary full of natural gifts including white truffles called ‘diamonds in the ground’ - one of the key ingredients in d'Alba products. D’Alba, which means ‘dawn’ in Italian will bring your skin to life with its unspoiled beauty, purity, and precious ingredients. D'Alba strives to combine European and Korean approaches to improving the skin.

d'Alba's cruelty-free products are not only made of naturally derived ingredients, but have also passed hypoallergenic clinical trials; and as such have established themselves well in the Korean market. d'Alba is ranked No.1 in the competitive K-Beauty online skin care category. In particular, d'Alba's hero product White Truffle First Spray Serum has already become our bestseller, garnering good customer reviews, featuring in The Guardian.